Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

To deliver better outcomes for our people, patients, business and communities, we must be intentional and bold.

Pioneering Change At Genentech

Our commitments are clear: fostering belonging for our people, advancing inclusive research and health equity to improve patient outcomes, and transforming society by investing in a diverse STEM talent pipeline and supplier partnerships. Our initiatives and investments, driven by strong cross-sector collaborations, are not mere actions but a movement to create lasting change. We're setting industry benchmarks and ensuring our strategy for D&I shapes a more equitable healthcare landscape for all. Our blueprint, which is a testament to our long-standing resolve and years of learning, has laid the foundation to guide us towards our 2025 Commitments and beyond.

Smiling photo of TERESA GRAHAM, Chief Executive Officer, Roche Pharmaceuticals
Teresa Graham Chief Executive Officer, Roche Pharmaceuticals
"Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Having diverse and inclusive teams are key drivers to help us revolutionize healthcare for all."
Smiling photo of ASHLEY MAGARGEE, Chief Executive Officer, Genentech
Ashley Magargee Chief Executive Officer, Genentech
"People are our inspiration. Every day, we are driven by the power of diversity to bring innovative solutions to patients with serious and life-threatening diseases."
Smiling photo of QUITA HIGHSMITH, Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer, Genentech
Quita Highsmith Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer, Genentech
"We want to share our recipe for success broadly with others. Together as industry leaders, we need to take bold and decisive action to create a world where all patients can access the medicines and care they need."

Our 2025 Commitments



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Equitable Pay For All
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Women in Leadership