Cultivating Leadership Accountability with Transparency and Training
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Genentech's 13,000+ employees have access to leadership's action plans, goals and training.

Meaningful progress happens when we hold ourselves and each other accountable. In 2022, Genentech pushed to accelerate action across the company, focusing on three efforts.

Establishing Accountability and Transparency at the Top

We started with our vice presidents: the 150 leaders who set the strategic direction of our business. We published all of their individual Officer Action Plans (OAPs) on our company intranet. These tactical plans were created in support of our 2025 Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Commitments to Foster Belonging, Advance Inclusive Research and Health Equity and Transform Society. This visibility ensures accountability, and signaled to employees that diversity, equity and inclusion are top priorities and business for all of our leaders.

OAPs are already proving effective in driving our D&I Commitments, with 99% of leaders completing a plan in 2022. The social accountability of publishing them is a powerful stimulus.

"Transparency and accountability are key for driving real change. It is great to see how Genentech leadership is united in the drive to increase inclusion."
Baoshu Zhao Vice President and Site Head, Genentech Hillsboro Technical Operations

Expanding Accountability to All People Leaders

We also launched Manager Belonging Goals (MBGs) for all people leaders and managers. These goals encourage inclusive behavior among this highly visible and influential group and encourages others to do the same. We saw excellent rates of participation with over 1,000 Genentech managers setting a goal in 2022.

For managers like Felicia McDuffie, Chapter Section Lead in Informatics, MBGs helped ensure she was at her best. She deliberately shared her MBGs with her team, creating transparency that she says prompted better conversations about skill building and new opportunities. "I wanted my Vacaville and Oceanside teams to know that I'm just as available to them as I am to the folks who sit down the hall from me in South San Francisco," McDuffie says.

Focusing on Inclusive Hiring Practices for All Employees

Inclusive hiring training is now a requirement for all employees at Genentech. The new, four module inclusive hiring certification provides a foundational awareness of how unconscious bias can potentially impact the hiring process and provides practical actions to mitigate it. The training also provides a standardized set of practices for hiring managers and hiring teams for delivering an inclusive, equitable and consistent hiring process. At year's end, we saw strong adoption, with an 87% completion rate for two of the four modules required of all employees, and 78% completion rate for the hiring manager module.

Here's How Our Leaders Brought Their OAPs to Life in 2022

FOSTERING BELONGING Ed Harrington, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer; Victoria Yeager, Vice President, Chapter Lead Customer Excellence, Procurement; and Allen Napetian, Vice President, Head of Site Services, expanded their OAPs to address the underrepresentation of Black/African American and Hispanic/Latinx employees. In 2020, Ed Harrington launched the Impact Leadership Development Program in Finance to cultivate and retain a pipeline of diverse internal talent through 1:1 coaching, group workshops and mentoring. Victoria Yeager and Allen Napetian expanded the program in 2022 to include eligible employees in Procurement and Site Services, respectively.

ADVANCING INCLUSIVE RESEARCH AND HEALTH EQUITY Yuvi Gill, Vice President and Head of Population Health, Global Product Strategy, Population Health Insights and Impact, leveraged his OAP to address health equity for transportation-disadvantaged patients - a group at greater risk of missing non-emergency care and underrepresented in clinical studies. To improve access and the patient experience, Gill is working with ride-sharing companies to assess how to assist those who need transportation to our sponsored clinical trials.

TRANSFORMING SOCIETY Jenn Pangilinan, Vice President, Genentech Research and Early Development Clinical Operations utilized her OAP to expand an existing Cal Athletics mentorship program at the University of California, Berkeley to include California State University, East Bay and University of California, Davis. Pangilinan's efforts have resulted in a significant uptick in Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian and Native American applicants for the mentorship program.

By creating Officer Action Plans (OAPs), our leaders are making intentional efforts to view processes, procedures and programs through a D&I lens. OAPs help leaders truly live one of our Roche Operating Principles of 'embracing differences.'
Our people data
As part of our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, we are sharing enterprise-wide data related to our gender representation, race/ethnicity representation, and pay practices.
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